What are they saying about Jim Bopp and the Bopp Law Firm, PC?

  • About Jim Bopp

    “Nationally prominent.” Lawyers Weekly USA 1/22/2001 “The most prominent lawyer in the country in campaign finance and election law.” ABA Journal, November 2006 “One of the most powerful and influential leaders of corporate America's efforts to dismantle the post-Watergate campaign finance syst... Read On

  • The First Amendment

    “Bopp is using the First Amendment to create a sort of Wild West system where anyone can spend whatever they please, however they choose.” Mother Jones, May/June 2011 Read On

  • Campaign Finance Litigation

    “He is the Energizer Bunny of campaign law reform.” ABA Journal, November 2006 “Indiana lawyer James Bopp is on a mission to unravel the nation's campaign laws.” Bloomberg Businessweek, October 3, 2011 “The nation's leading litigator against campaign restrictions.” Washington Post, September 14... Read On

  • Citizens United v. FEC

    “credited as being the intellectual architect of the arguments that persuaded the Supreme Court in Citizens United.” New York Times, May 12, 2013 “The Citizens United case ‘was really Jim's brainchild. He has manufactured these cases to present certain questions to the Supreme Court in a certain... Read On

  • Wisconsin Right to Life v. FEC

    “In the summer of 2007, Bopp delivered his Trojan horse: a clever attack on the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA also known as McCain-Feingold) to the Supreme Court by a group called Wisconsin Right to Life. The decision under the new conservative Court gutted BCRA's restrictions on corporate... Read On

  • SuperPACs

    “His cases laid the groundwork for creation of so-called “Super PACs,” political committees that take unlimited donations and operate independently of candidates and which were fueled last year by new labor and corporate cash.” Bloomberg, September 21, 2011 “The super PAC would be the overpoweri... Read On

  • Section 527 organizations

    “Bopp was the lawyer who crafted the RMIC to fall under the controversial 527 section of the tax code.” IDS Insights, October 2000 “He is the legal craftsman behind organizations that are fueling the anti-campaign finance reform debate.” IDS Insights, October 2000 “Regardless of the outcome of ... Read On

  • Judicial Canons of Ethics

    “The victorious attorney in Republican Party of Minnesota v. White (2002).” National Law Journal, June 11, 2008. “Exploding the Canons of Judicial Campaign Ethics” ABA Journal, November 2006 “On a tear to make judicial campaign speech more wide open and more like that for the other branches of ... Read On

  • Bush v. Gore

    “Bopp came up with the cause of action the George W. Bush's lawyers ultimately used to sway the U.S. Supreme Court and give the presidency to Bush in 2000.” ABA Journal, November 2006 “He developed the legal rationale, by which the Supreme Court decided Bush v. Gore.” The Atlantic, October 2012 Read On

  • The Republican Party

    “Bopp is a Republican stalwart (he sees the Democratic Party as socialist), and he has done yeoman's work for the party – among other accomplishments, he developed the legal rationale by which the Supreme Court decided Bush v. Gore.” The Atlantic, October 2012 Named 2009 Republican Lawyer of the... Read On

  • Abortion

    “Perhaps the most prolific anti-abortion litigator of his generation, responsible for encouraging states to pass laws chipping away at Roe v. Wade and then defending them in court.” New York Times, May 12, 2013 “And with the same fervor and legal acumen he once used to energize the anti-abortion... Read On

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