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The Bopp Law Firm was founded by James Bopp, Jr. to provide legal assistance to not-for-profit organizations, individuals, candidates, and Political Action Committees ("PACs") navigating the ever-changing fields of Non-Profit Tax Law, PAC Law, Campaign Finance, Election Law, First Amendment and Constitutional Law, Strategic Planning, and Supreme Court Practice.

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Founding the Bopp Law Firm in 1992, and practicing law for over 30 years, Jim is dedicated to the advancement of conservative Republican principles, policies, politics, and defending individual liberties by providing focused legal guidance for the management of political campaigns, campaign finance, public policy initiatives, First Amendment rights and litigation strategies.  During his storied career, Jim has continually proven his prowess in the courtroom by representing clients with vigorous advocacy and expert guidance through a myriad of red-tape, excessive government regulations and politically motivated pressures. 

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