What are they saying about Jim Bopp and the Bopp Law Firm, PC?

Section 527 organizations

“Bopp was the lawyer who crafted the RMIC to fall under the controversial 527 section of the tax code.” IDS Insights, October 2000

“He is the legal craftsman behind organizations that are fueling the anti-campaign finance reform debate.” IDS Insights, October 2000

“Regardless of the outcome of the attempts at campaign finance reform, thus far, Section 527 has produced a legal loophole for funneling large and unaccountable amounts of cash through major organizations of the political right wing.” IDS Insights, October 2000

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At The Bopp Law Firm, we focus on Advocacy Groups and PACs, Campaign Finance, Election Law, First Amendment and Constitutional Law, Strategic Planning, Class Action, and Supreme Court Practice.

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