Election Law

Election Law is a very complex area of law fraught with federal, state and local regulations at every turn.  The Bopp Law Firm is recognized as a premier Election Law firm and assists clients nationwide with issues confronting candidates, corporate donors, PACs, lobbyists, and the general public.

Election Law affects the very core of our democracy.  The issues handled encompass a vast number of parties, individuals and government entities on national, state and local levels.  In his storied legal career spanning over 30 years, Jim Bopp has been actively involved with the legal process, policymaking and the overall evolution of election laws.  The gamut of matters Jim has addressed during this time has contributed significantly to legal precedent and policies affecting elections in all levels of government.  The Bopp law firm handles all matters related to Election Law including the following:

  • Voting Rights (age, residency, citizenship, identification and poll taxes)
  • Ballot Measures (requirements and inclusions)
  • Political Parties (internal governance and primaries)
  • Public Financing of Elections (expenses related to the vote collecting process)
  • Voting Process
  • Districts and Redistricting
  • Campaign Fundraising (individual, corporate, PAC)
  • Campaign Advertising Law
  • Legal Actions Related to Elections (compliance, fraud, voting methods)