Victory for Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene: Democrat Smear that She is an “Insurrectionist” Denied by Second Judge

Posted by James Bopp, Jr. | Aug 01, 2022 | 0 Comments

Atlanta, GA – Last week, a judge in Fulton County agreed with Secretary of State Raffensperger's finding that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene did not “engage in insurrection” on January 6th and is qualified to run for Congress, despite a liberal activist group's effort to disqualify her.

This is Rep. Greene's second victory in this case—the first came when an administrative judge ruled in her favor and Sec. Raffensperger affirmed that judge's ruling. A group of five Georgia voters, backed by the national left-wing group, Free Speech for People, then filed in the Fulton County court for a review of Sec. Raffensperger's decision. But the state court judge now has affirmed what both the administrative judge and Sec. Raffensperger decided—the voters challenging Rep. Greene's candidacy did not come anywhere close to providing evidence to support their claim.

The challengers alleged that Rep. Greene does not meet the federal constitutional requirements for a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives because she “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” on January 6th, which, if she did, would disqualify her from taking office upon her reelection under Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment. The administrative judge held an eight-hour hearing in which Rep. Greene testified for several hours, but the challengers complained that findings of the administrative law judge should be reversed because of several alleged procedural problems. The Fulton County judge rejected all of the challengers' legal arguments. The Fulton County judge agreed that the challengers failed to present any evidence to support their smear.

“Today was a great victory for the rule of law and our representative Republic,” said James Bopp, Jr., of The Bopp Law Firm, lead counsel for Rep. Greene. “Voters in Rep. Greene's congressional district voted overwhelmingly for Rep. Greene in the primary election—they should be the final voice in picking their Representative.”

Bopp added: “Free Speech for People, a liberal activist group, will not stop here. They will continue these monstrous claims against perhaps two dozen members of Congress and ultimately President Trump, if he runs for election in 2024. In this country, you have the right to speak out against candidates and run against them. You do not have the right to use state bureaucrats to eliminate your political opponents' ability to run.  The courts in this country need to stand firm against such baseless attempts to subvert the democratic process.”

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