The Bopp Law Firm Requests the State of Indiana’s Health Statistics for Indiana University Students

Posted by James Bopp, Jr. | Jun 02, 2021 | 0 Comments

Yesterday, The Bopp Law Firm, on behalf of The IU Family for Choice, not Mandates, Inc., filed a public records requests with IU regarding the IU COVID-19 mandate. This is the second one with Indiana University asking for statistical information about IU student infection rates and outcomes for COVID-19 infections and for statistical information about any disease, injury or condition suffered by an IU student and the medical treatment and outcome.

Today, The Bopp Law Firm filed a second one with the Indiana State Department of Health for health statistics for IU students that Indiana University has to file with the state each year.

The requests come after The Bopp Law Firm filed an initial public records request with Indiana University to determine how IU came to the decision to mandate vaccines and how they plan to implement their plan. These two additional requests seek to determine just how much COVID-19 impacts students when stacked up against other health issues for college students such as binge drinking, suicide, automobile accidents, socially transmitted diseases, and any other causes.

In addition, every year by March 15, all state educational institutions must submit to the Indiana Department of Health, and the local health department in the same area, an Annual Summary Report. This Report includes data pertaining to the number of students who have authenticated certificates of immunity for each disease the school requires a vaccination for. The reports also contain the number of students who have documented exemptions from vaccinations, categorized by disease.

The Bopp Law Firm filed these two additional requests with IU and the Indiana Department of Health to further determine if IU's controversial vaccination mandate is justified in light of all the other health issues affecting college students.

James Bopp, Jr., states, “Our Constitution has made it clear that our government cannot limit a person's freedoms without sufficient justification. IU's mandate limits a student's freedom to choose, demanding administration of an experimental drug or being barred from admission. And, even if a student gets an exemption, IU imposes severe restrictions on that student, including a mask mandate, frequent testing, and limits on leaving their home and on attending activities. These record requests are designed to obtain the information necessary to evaluate whether these substantial burdens on students are justified.”

To view the public records request filed with the Indiana State Department of Health click here.

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