Campaign Finance

Campaign finance is one of the most complicated and important areas of every campaign. There is perhaps no area with more rules and regulations and need for legal guidance than the financing of political campaigns.  Individual and Political Action Committee (“PAC”) contributions, and expenditures encompass only two factors that candidates and parties should be concerned with in each and every election cycle. 

The Bopp Law Firm assists political campaigns, parties, candidates, PACs and corporate/trade associations with all areas of campaign finance including, but not limited to campaign fundraising, expenditures and reporting.  The campaign finance area of practice encompasses direct individual contributions, management and reporting of contributions (when necessary),  formation of  PACs and subsequent spending thereof. In over 45 years of practice Jim Bopp has played a major role in the evolution of campaign finance rules.  He is a valuable resource for any campaign in which fundraising and reporting is expected and required. Jim and the Bopp Law Firm assist clients and provide focused guidance with all campaign funding methods and compliance issues.  In the event that litigation is necessary to protect the rights for clients, Jim stands at the ready to assist with the entire court process from start-to-finish.