First Amendment and Constitutional Law

For the Bopp Law Firm, there is nothing more important than the protections afforded by our Constitution. The Firm takes great pride in the practice of Constitutional law and particularly the preservation and protection of constitutional rights for all citizens. For over 40 years, Jim Bopp and his associates have been tireless advocates of the Constitution; representing individuals, political candidates, the Republican Party, Political Action Committees “PACs”, religious affiliated organizations, and state/local governments for the defense of all rights guaranteed by our Constitution.

Matters addressed by the Firm include:

  • Defense of First Amendment rights to free speech
  • Defense of civil procedures and adherence by legal process to constitutional guidelines
  • Fairness in the application of the judicial process, including the nomination of judges to the Nation's highest courts
  • Protection of the interests of political donors including, individuals, corporations, PACs, and other organizations
  • Application of Federal rules and regulations across state borders as it pertains to the Commerce Clause
  • Arguments before and decisions of the United States Supreme Court and Federal trial/appellate courts and state courts as they pertain to the defense of constitutionally granted rights 

The Bopp Law Firm also defends constitutional rights as they are applied to elections and the democratic process.  These rights include:

  • The protection of voting process integrity
  • Support of campaign finance opportunities for PACs, Corporations, individuals, the Republican Party and other organizations
  • Fair application of rights granted by the Federal Constitution across state borders as it pertains to the Constitution's Commerce Clause

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At The Bopp Law Firm, we focus on Advocacy Groups and PACs, Campaign Finance, Election Law, First Amendment and Constitutional Law, Strategic Planning, Class Action, and Supreme Court Practice.

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