As reported by the National Journal, the most influential player in campaign finance law right now is a lawyer operating outside the GOP establishment.

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As reported by the National Right to Life Counsel, the Board of Governors of the Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) has recognized NRLC General Counsel James Bopp, Jr., as the 2009 Republican Lawyer of the Year.

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 ABA Journal profile.

Jim Bopp has become perhaps the most prominent lawyer in the country in campaign finance and election law, especially as the go-to-guy for conservative religious groups.

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Video DiscussionA conversation with James Bopp Jr., the plaintiffs lawyer who championed Citizens United conducted by University of California Television (UCTV)

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Whereas, James Bopp, has faithfully served the National Right to Life Committee for 35 years as General Counsel and has appeared before the United States Supreme Court on several occasions to defend the right to life and the right of pro-life citizens to exercise their freedom of speech; and

Whereas, James Bopp founded and served as President of the National Legal Center for the Medically Dependent and Disabled (1984-2010), whose mission is to protect the rights of indigent persons who has disabilities or serious medical needs to secure essential medical treatment, regardless of age, health, function or condition of dependency or disability, and to protect the rights of persons of disabilities to secure personal assistance services and access to care and treatment;

Whereas, James Bopp has conducted countless workshops and given insightful reports to the NRLC Board of Directors to assist the various affiliates to work within existing law and work within their states to improve laws affecting their work; and

Whereas, James Bopp has successfully represented several state affiliates in courts when state laws place undo and unconstitutional burdens upon their efforts.

Therefore be it resolved that the National Right to Life Board of Directors sitting in Dallas, Texas on June 26, 2013 expresses its gratitude to James Bopp for his enormous contribution to the protection of innocent human life and for his 35 years of service as general counsel to the National Right to Life Committee.

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As reported by the New York Times. Far more than Presidents Obama and Clinton, Presidents Reagan and both Bushes cared intensely about the selection of judges.

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bopp-influentialAs reported by

He has been called a “litigation machine,” methodically mowing down restrictions on campaign financing and speech. It was conservative GOP activist James Bopp Jr., 65, who devised the legal strategy that led the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United, which upended decades of precedent and unleashed super PACs upon the land. He laid the groundwork for that landmark ruling with his high court victory in Wisconsin Right to Life v. FEC. Limits on judicial candidates’ speech and activities. His successes have eroded those restrictions as well. Bopp also serves as general counsel to the James Madison Center for Free Speech.

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take-downAs reported by the Mother Jones

Jim Bopp, the longtime counsel to the anti-abortion group National Right to Life, has now almost singlehandedly obliterated many of the nation’s relatively modest restrictions on corporate election spending

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last-legsAs reported by the Mother Jones

James Bopp, the conservative mastermind behind the Citizens United case, boasts that nearly all the campaign finance regulations passed in recent history have been dismantled.

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