Bopp Law Firm Fights Against COVID Vaccine Mandates and for Election Integrity

James Bopp, Jr. of The Bopp Law Firm ended 2021 fighting in Indiana against employer COVID vaccination mandates and in Wisconsin for election integrity.

On December 16th, Bopp testified before the Indiana House Committee on Employment, Labor and Pensions regarding HB1001, urging the Indiana General Assembly to ban Indiana businesses from mandating COVID vaccinations for their employees.

In his testimony, Bopp noted the wide agreement, backed up by expert studies, that the COVID vaccines do not prevent a person from getting a COVID infection and transmitting it to others but may ameliorate the symptoms and effects, which means that COVID vaccinations are preventative medical treatments, not a public health measure. Bopp argued that the law requires that medical treatments receive the patient’s voluntary and informed consent and, as a result, employer mandates are contrary to law.

Bopp’s testimony was cited by many news stories.

Vax mandate hearing in Indiana shows sharp split between business, individuals | Indiana |

Furthermore,on December 23, Bopp was in Madison, Wisconsin state court arguing that the Wisconsin State Assembly’s effort to investigate possible irregularities in the November 2020 election should go forward in order to ensure the integrity of Wisconsin elections.

The Wisconsin State Assembly has appointed former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Mike Gableman, as Special Counsel, to conduct a thorough investigation of the administration of recent elections in Wisconsin. Gableman has issued subpoenas to the Wisconsin Elections Commission to investigate several credible allegations of misfeasance by the WEC during the November 2020 election. The WEC however filed suit to fight the subpoenas.

Bopp, representing Justice Gableman, argued that legislative oversight of the WEC was vital to maintain the integrity of Wisconsin elections in the face of serious allegations of misconduct and that a government agency, like WEC, had no authority to resist an investigation of their conduct by the Wisconsin legislature since it was the body that created, empowered, and funded WEC.

Several news stories featured Bopp’s arguments to the state court.

Dane County judge to rule next month on the validity of Gableman’s subpoena | State & Regional |

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